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Magento Plugin Install

I discovered few weeks ago an interesting tool to develop Magento modules with Eclipse PDT or Zend Studio: the Magento Eclpise plugin. I use it personnaly with Zend Studio 8 and it works pretty well, so we are going to see the different feature you can get from this module. With this module you can:

  • Find two wizards to help you to extend or create Magento modules
  • Code completion for core class or method even when you use Mage::getModel() or Mage::getSingleton() and so on.

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Although I’m one of the JFusion developer and work to integrate Joomla/Magento mainly with this extension, I propose to give you a list of possibilities to integrate Joomla and Magento. Here are the three known:

  • JFusion (free): single sign on, interface integration between the two applications, modularity, multi applications. Some functionnalities are not yet stable.
  • MageBridge (commercial): same as JFusion but more focused into the J!/Magento integration. Cannot be tested cause of the price but honnestly I see just a small advantage by the easy way to install it and use it.
  • J!Mint (gratuit): a new coming, still in development when I’m writing those lines. It should be available at the end 2009. The integration seems to be done thanks to the webservices. Technically good but will get probably problem with the speed. Some people find already Magento slow !

Without any doubt JFusion is the best solution. I’m joking. It depends of course of your needs and your skills. The advantage of JFusion is the capabilities to integrate different applications and add some add-ons depending of the plugins which limits errors for the user synchronization. MageBridge seems to be easier to install.