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The problematic

You have SugarCRM as a CRM and you wish for example, export only some users’ information (lastname, firstname and email) to import them to your favorite/shiny newsletter system. By using the export function of SugarCRM, you get a CSV file with all users’ fields and which could be theoretically imported into Excel to remove the columns that you don’t need for your newsletter system importation. Unfortunately, a user field “description” has line breaks which prevent a clean import into Excel because each lines is recognized as a new row/entry which is wrong.


Use Talend Open Studio for Data Integration. A free ETL (Extract Tool) provided by Talend and which will help you to extract exactly the source data wished and export it to any target (example: csv file, database, other web service, etc).

It’s an eclipse-like which works with a Job Designer. You create a job, add input component (file, database, webservice, else), output component (files, database, webservice or else) and other interactions (data filtering, data sorting, etc).

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