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Magento Community 1.8 Update

The Magento Community Edition 1.8 was announced during the Imagine Conference in Las Vegas in April 2013. An alpha version was released and stay as it is until now. Finally, the release 1.8 has been published today. We can understand the situation when we are aware that the Magento Team concentrates itself on the Magento 2 version which is a big release and hopefully would come in 2014.

Although the community engaged its effort to fix a big amount of bugs with the collaboration of the Magento Team during the Hackathon in Zürich and Bugathon Los Angeles in March 2013, most of those fixes will be published in the version 1.8.1 later in Q4. So I may advise you to wait if you are not in hurry for your project to get this short coming soon release.

However for those who are not patient or would like to benefit quickly of the new features and enhancements, find here the list of the improvements:

Tax calculation

Definitely a subject which should enjoy enterprise having VAT. Several problems have been fixed: rounding errors calculation confusing buyers and merchants and discount calculation. You will find more information how to handle the configuration of your shop depending in which country you are, see the Magento Knowledge Base for more explanation.

I’d like to take the opportunity to inform you of a module which can help you to setup the tax calculation rules in a fast way when you are installing Magento. It is very helpful for European Countries, Russia and Switzerland. The module has been developed by the Firegento Association (a developer community based in Germany) and available for free on Github. You may find also an article explaining more in details the module.



  • of the speed of page loading during checkout process.
  • of the cache for single server, minimising the refreshment of caches when product is updated
  • of the backend when a store has huge amount of products or tax codes
  • Add Redis cache module from Colin Mollenhour

Functional Improvements

350 functional improvements that boost product quality in key areas, including the web store, shopping cart, admin order creation, import and export functionality, web API components, and payment methods.



  • Session fixation vulnerability
  • Oauth attacks
  • Remote code execution
  • Block attackers to get access to billing information
  • Block web browsers to save user and password from backend
  • Additional CSRF protection
  • Session ID change after registration to prevent man in the middle
  • Cryptographic method to store password has been improved

Download the new release in the download section of Magento Website

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