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New modules version for Magento 1.6

All modules I did have been rewritten to improve them or make them compatible with Magento 1.6 if necessary. As reminder, here is the list of these modules:

  • Add Information to Sales Email : allows you to add some information into your sales emails (invoice, order, crédit memo) about each items purchased by your customers. For example, if you want to provide some instructions how to use a product or access to your services.
  • Zopim Chat: displays the chat widget of Zopim with advanced configuration. Better than the official one because it supports multi-website and store views.
  • Joomla Integration: help you to integrate Magento and Joomla. Jfusion modules and plugins are mandatory. Check it out the website.
  • JS/CSS Compression & Minify (UIOptimization): minified your cascade stylesheet and javascript in the purpose to improve the performance of your Magento website. Lots of configuration settings are available to fine tune your installation.
  • Username support: support username on registration and login

The Zopim Chat module (unofficial) for Magento has been updated and stay free. This update improve some performance of interface downloading following instructions of Core Team.

Download it from the Magento Connect.

Frontend Zopim Badge configuration2

Zopim Chat by Diglin in the Magento Homepage

Frontend Zopim Badge

I published a new module for Magento to integrate the Zopim Chat into your Magento Shop installation. This is an unofficial version of the module and supported by Diglin GmbH.

This module has for advantage:

  • to integrate easily and quickly the widget into your Magento installation by just entering your Zopim credentials, it will enable automatically the widget for you.
  • to allow to create a configuration for each store view
  • to configure some options of the Chat: window, buble, button (color, position, text, language synchronisation mode …) for all store views or for a specific one.
  • to get access to the Zopim dashboard directly from your Magento backend and chat directly with your visitors.

An official version exists but don’t take in charge the configuration per store view and doesn’t allow to define the chat for specific Magento page.

You can visit the Magento Connect page to get this module. Clic on the pictures below to zoom in and get a preview of the module. You can click on the button “Read more” to get more information about Zopim Chat.

What is Zopim Chat?

This service is available under différent prices at this address

Zopim Live Chat is a web-based application that lets businesses monitor and engage website visitors in real time. Designed with small medium businesses in mind, it is easy to use, affordable and powerful.
Zopim was the first to introduce live chat widgets thats built right into your website. This gives your customers a more seamless and pleasant chatting experience while surfing your site. No more annoying popup chat windows!
Log in to Zopim’s web-based dashboard to get a wealth of information about your visitors in real-time. With an intuitive interface and features, you’ll become an expert in customer service within minutes.

widget 3 widget2

dashboard incoming chats